Sunday, August 10, 2008

Křivoklát, Karlštejn, Konopiště, Český Šternberk / Czech castles

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Výlet po českých hradech a zámcích: Křivoklát, Karlštejn, Konopiště, Český Šternberk.

Krivoklat belongs to the oldest and most important castles of the Czech princes and kings. The history of its construction starts in the 12th century. During the reign of Přemysl Otakar II. a large, monumental royal castle was built to be later rebuilt by king Václav IV. and even later generously enlarged by king Vladislav of Jagellon.

Karlstejn - High Gothic castle founded in 1348, which has a unique position among Czech castles. It was built by Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV as a place for safekeeping of the royal treasures, especially Charles's collection of holy relics and the coronation jewels of the Roman Empire.

Konopiste - The Konopiste Castle was originally founded as a gothic fortress guarding a nearby town of Benesov. Being founded at the end of the 13th century by Tobias of Benesov, it was built at the beginning of the 14th century, following the model of french castles called "castels".

Cesky Sternberg - Since the hoary days of the 13th century, the ancient Sternberg aristocracy has held title to this massive Gothic castle overlooking the Sazava River. Down through the ages family ancestors have included brave knights, the royally titled, diplomats, scientists, politicians, and a sprinkling of philosophers and historians.